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The Herald

That's Groovy Baby

The wedding will be in Vegas. Just me, my beloved and an Elvis lookalike. But before then, the dilemma is how to celebrate the end of singledom with girlfriends who can't make a sequinned 11,000km pilgrimage to the city of sin.

The answer was to travel back in time. Circa60 is set deep among the lush vines of Martinborough, an easy hour's drive north of the capital... Read the article

The Guardian

Top 10 affordable pads in New Zealand

The cliché about New Zealand being like Britain in the 50s is still dragged out every now and then, and while it's largely inaccurate these days, it must be said that there's a grain of truth in there, often when it comes to the design standards of budget accommodation.

Circa60, on the other hand, actively embraces retro fittings and furnishings... Read the article




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